Well, we’re getting ready to put another growing season behind us and, as fall approaches, so do the tasks of raking leaves, cleaning out gardens and packing away hoses and other gardening tools. It’s human nature to feel like you’re done with the yard work for another year, but don’t be too hasty. A few final fall tasks and you can lay the groundwork for a beautiful yard next year.

  1. Don’t forget to feed and water the grass! Just because the kids are back in school and the days are getting shorter, that doesn’t mean your lawn is asleep. Grass will continue to extend its root system and grow into the fall if you keep providing nutrition. Sure, it might mean a couple more mowing sessions, but a healthy fall lawn is a beautiful thing.
  2. Fall is a great time to aerate. Things can get pretty packed down over the summer. Now’s the time to give those roots a helping hand.
  3. Leveling and reseeding. Once the days get a bit cooler, it’s the perfect time to thicken up sparse patches, fill in the bare spots and eliminate some of the “potholes.”
  4. Divide perennials. Daylillies, hostas, irises and other perennial ground covers are about as thick as they’ll get for one season. That makes fall the perfect time to separate some of the clumps and spread the beauty around!
  5. Pick up leaves. Hey, we all know it’s easier to get the leaves under control when you take them on a bit at a time, and when they’re still dry. Decide now to avoid raking deep into November when the winds blow cold and the rain comes with a bite. Remember, dark, moist places are breeding grounds for disease and insects!

And remember, we’ll be glad to give you a hand with any of those tasks. Just give us a call!

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