Our Organically Enhanced Weed and Feed Lawn Care Program is Second to None!

Our Weed and Feed program provides the best nutrient-dense application treatments on the market.

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Custom Controlled-Release Fertilizer for a Great-Looking Lawn

Our custom fertilizer blends are encapsulated with the best controlled release technology on the market to ensure your lawn will not run out of nutrients between applications. This virtually eliminates any concern of nutrient run off and therefore it is environmentally-friendly fertilizer. The plants will use the nutrients as they are released. Our granular fertilizer blends are also a combination of organic and synthetic fertilizer which enables your lawn to see the best of both options. Our technicians will blow any granules off your pavement after each treatment.

Happy Homeowners

Many of our clients aren’t home when we treat their lawn. To ensure strong communication, anytime a technician notices an issue or concern a note will be included on the invoice left at the door. This information will be sent to you in an email as well, along with anything suggestions on how to manage the issue.

  • Ability to manage your account online and set up auto pay.
  • No phone soliciting.
  • We are locally based. Our community is your community, which is why we care.

Top-Tier Lawn Care Technicians

All of our technicians are licensed and certified by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. They have also been through ULTRALawn’s extensive training program which has been developed and improved upon for over 30 years. Each technician is assigned to a defined area and will become familiar with you and your property. If you like, you can even have us call the day before we come do a treatment so you know your lawn is scheduled!

Free Service Calls for Weed and Feed Customers

If you ever have a question or concern we want to hear from you so we can address it promptly with a FREE next business day service call! One of our experts will come to your property and will be happy to spot treat a persistent weed, diagnose a problem area, and advise on any issues your lawn may have. Only full program customers receive free service calls.

The following is an outline of our Organically Enhanced Weed and Feed lawn care treatments:

Fertilizers and pre-emergent weed control

This is the most important application of the year for crabgrass control, however it is the first of two pre-emergent applications we do. Iowa weather and fluctuating precipitation amounts may demand a follow-up application to ensure season-long control.

Fertilizers, broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent weed control

This is the most versatile treatment of the year contributing to our control of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds, it is not one to miss.

Fertilizers, spot treatment of weeds, and grub preventer application

These two applications are done during the same visit. The fertilizer used in this application is designed to help your turf survive the stress of summer, and will not burn your lawn. This is an important visit as many times insect or disease issues can crop up this time of year, the technician will do an inspection while at your property. Grub damage can be devastating for a lawn to the point where it may result in needing complete renovation. Both of these treatments are applied during the same visit.

Fertilizers and broadleaf weed control

This is the most important application of the season for controlling broadleaf weeds. This treatment will prevent dandelions from blooming next spring.

Fertilizers, spot treatment of weeds

During this round we apply the heaviest rate of fertilizer of the season. It promotes root growth, carbohydrate development (which helps the plants tolerate the stresses of the following season), and helps your lawn green up early next spring.


Aeration is a naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and surrounding atmosphere. Practically speaking, aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration. It’s commonly called “core aeration.”

Immediately following aeration, your lawn will be dotted with small plugs pulled from the soil. Within a week or two, these plugs of thatch and soil break apart and disappear into the lawn.

Soon after aeration, the aeration holes will begin to fill with white, actively growing roots. This is a sign that the turf grass is responding to additional oxygen, moisture, and nutrients in the soil.

Core aeration can improve the health of your lawn and reduce maintenance by:

  • Improving fertilizer and nutrition intake
  • Encouraging deep root development
  • Reducing water runoff
  • Improving your soil
  • Increasing air exchange between soil and atmosphere
  • Reducing thatch
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Increasing protection against drought, insects, disease, and weeds
  • Giving you a thicker, healthier, & greener lawn

Organic Treatments

Understanding Organic Applications

We believe that any successful transition to an organic program starts with an understanding of both the advantages and the trade-offs that come as a part of the package.

While there may be good reason to choose organic applications, it’s good to know that eliminating pesticides and using only naturally-occurring, organic feeding do not provide weed control.

The goal of organic feeding is to create strong, healthy plants. A healthy lawn goes a long way toward crowding out weeds, but weeds are natural, too, and will likely thrive as well.

We Give You Responsible Options!

We have three lawn application programs which vary from using pesticides and conventional fertilizers responsibly to using only natural fertilizer.  All of them have been researched and proven to be environmentally friendly.  They are formulated using the highest quality products available keeping your lawn and our environment in mind.  Each of these programs are performed by our thoroughly trained staff who we hold to more strict standards than required by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

Organically Enhanced Treatments with Guaranteed Weed and Grub Control

This program is for those who demand the quickest and most reliable results for a lower price. It includes six applications consisting of conventional fertilizer coated on organic biosolids, weed control, and insecticide. This program is recommended to all customers for their first year of service even if their long term goal is to transition to a more natural program.

Organic Blend with Reduced Herbicides

This program is for those looking for a compromise between the Organically Enhanced and Natural programs.  It includes five applications containing 50% natural fertilizer derived from animal or vegetable matter and 50% conventional fertilizer.  We reduce chemical herbicides by doing only one application of crabgrass preventer and by only spraying for broadleaf weeds when they’re visible.  Maintaining a high mower setting and aeration are critical to improve the turf thickness which will reduce weed outbreaks. This program does not come with a guarantee on weed control.

This program costs about 25% more than our Organically Enhanced program.

100% Organic plus Herbicide- & Pesticide-Free

This program is for those who do not want any synthetic products applied to their lawn.  It includes five applications of 100% natural fertilizer derived from animal or vegetable matter.  With this program, the homeowner’s dedication to maintenance is critical for weed control.  Maintaining a high mower setting, aeration, tolerating weed outbreaks, and having patience are critical. This program does not come with a guarantee on weed control. 

The Natural and Herbicide/Pesticide-Free Program costs about 50% more than our Organically Enhanced program.


What is hydro-seeding?

Commercial landscapes, home lawns, roadway berms and athletic fields can all be seeded very quickly and inexpensively using hydraulic seeding equipment. The seeding process itself involves loosening the soil surface, broadcasting the selected seed variety to the area, and applying a mixture of mulch material, fertilizer, and water. When sprayed over the prepared surface Mother Nature takes over. The mixture is applied uniformly with quick green up. With hydro-seeding there is a higher germination and survival rate of the seed, along with the reduction of soil erosion. Difficult to reach areas such as slopes, berms, ditches, and tight areas around floral beds and walkways can easily be accessed.

What are the benefits of hydro-seeding over conventional seeding or sod?

Hydro-seeding greatly improves results over conventional seeding by creating an organic micro-environment for fast germination and establishment of the turf. The hydro-seeding mulch enhances moisture retention and reduces erosion. Drying out and erosion are the two main reasons for failure with conventional seeding. The hydro-seeding is a fraction of the cost. Seed selection is another benefit of hydro-seeding over sod. With hydro-seeding we can selectively choose the variety of seed that will thrive in full sun or shady areas. Most sod purchased today is usually a result of aggressive bluegrass seed mixes developed for fast production of sod. These seed varieties are used in our hydro-seeding mix.

Is hydro-seeding the right choice for you?

Hydro-seeding is not an instant lawn, like sod. It will take up to three weeks to have 100% germination. The products applied are perishable and will fail if not properly prepared and cared for, just as sod will. If heavy rain occurs before the seed has established, you should expect some erosion. Spot seeding of eroded areas may be needed. If you have any questions, please give us a call.



ULTRALawn offers commercial and residential mowing services to our customers that receive our Lawn Care Program. Customers with larger properties and acreages will not have to meet this requirement, and may only take two to three applications annually.

Our lawns are carefully groomed and our employees take pride in delivering the best possible appearance for each property with great attention to detail. Your lawn will be mowed on a weekly schedule at a setting of 2.75″-3.5″ height. Our blades are sharpened regularly to ensure a clean cut when mowing.

We prefer to recycle lawn clippings back into the soil, but if you prefer bagging and removal of your lawn clippings, it is an additional charge. Walks and driveways are always cleaned of any stray clippings and the property is carefully trimmed.

The Difference Between Edging and Scalping

We believe that a professionally edged lawn is a thing of beauty. It adds a finishing touch that makes everything about your property look cared for and tidy.

Most lawn care companies that do edging (if they do it at all) have adapted the use of string trimmers to the task. As a result, the approach that they use effectively “scalps” the edge of your lawn, often exposing part of the plants’ root system and leaving an edge that actually looks more “raw” than finished.

ULTRALawn uses a true edging approach to finish the lawns we care for. That means that we make a straight, vertical cut along the edge of your lawn, removing the overgrowing sod completely and leaving a clean, finished edge. (We always clean up what we trim, too!)

It’s Easy to Get an ULTRALawn Estimate

While we’re always happy to come to your home for a personal inspection and measurement, there’s no appointment necessary! Our technology allows us to use satellite imagery to preview and measure for a basic estimate.