Tree and Shrub Care

Add Property Value and Increase Curb Appeal

Mature trees and shrubs represent a significant investment in your landscaping and add to the value of your property. With proper care, your plantings will look terrific and stay healthy, making trees and shrubs more resistant to disease and insects throughout the growing season and hardier during our infamous Iowa winters.

  • It’s good to remember that some insects are beneficial to the environment, but our insect and disease sprays keep populations at a controllable level and help stop any disease before it gets out of hand.
  • ULTRALawn’s tree and shrub program provides landscape plantings with the required nutrients to safeguard their health and protect them from insects and disease. We use special equipment that provides deep root fertilization to the feeder root zone. That makes it easy for trees and shrubs to take in the nutrients and realize the full benefits.
  • Proper nutrition is particularly important to young plants. Their potential for fast growth is the greatest and our program can achieve as much as three years of normal growth in just one year. Our combined use of contact (sprayed) and systemic (root-fed) products also reduces the risk of excessive insect activity and disease. Unchecked, these can weaken your plantings and, in some cases, be fatal.

Vegetation Control

Why are you breaking your back pulling weeds in non-turf areas? This monthly service provides spot spraying and removal of weeds emerging in areas such as landscape beds and gravel or paved areas.

The ULTRALawn Vegetation Control program runs monthly through the growing season, usually May through September. On our initial visit, we will formulate and apply pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls to eradicate problem weeds that germinate quickly throughout the growing season. Follow-up applications are done monthly, as needed. We are extremely careful to avoid off-target plants and will pull and remove the weeds emerging in these off target areas.

The ULTRALawn Weed/Vegetation Control Program controls non-turf weeds all season long. Areas controlled include:

  • Shrub and landscape beds
  • Sidewalk and driveway cracks
  • Gravel driveways
  • Fence lines and building perimeter

Pick Your Mulch

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your soil and plants. The proper mulch is a natural and organic way to encourage healthy growth of your plants. It also can help enrich the soil. A fresh layer of mulch will help prevent weeds. By mulching you can also moderate the temperature of your soil. In dry weather, it can help the soil retain moisture and reduce the need for watering. Mulch acts as an insulation barrier helping to protect against the extreme conditions of both the summer and winter. Mulching is very attractive and can add to the natural and beautiful look of any landscape. It comes in a variety of colors, types and varieties.

Mulch Types and Varieties

Hardwood Shredded Bark Mulch – This is what we usually suggest and is our most popular type.  We like it because it tends to stay in the landscape beds better than the other options.  As its name suggest these types of mulches are completely organic in nature offering both a natural feel and look while complementing your existing landscape.

Organically Dyed Mulches – This type of mulch has a variety of colors. ULTRALawn only uses mulch colored with non-toxic dyes.

Cedar Mulch – This type of natural bark mulch consists of shredded cedar bark and its perfect for large areas. Cedar mulch also contains properties which act as a natural repellant against insects. Perfect for rose gardens this type of mulch will eventually weather into a silver-grey color.