There’s a lot that goes into every application, from making sure the grass is well nourished to eliminating the weeds that like to compete for the goodies. We’ve always taken care to mix and use the most effective solutions for our area, but this year we’re able to use a special ingredient that doesn’t directly address lawn issues, it simply makes every application work better!

It’s a brand new additive that makes sure every application is distributed more evenly while allowing the active ingredients of each treatment to more efficiently enter the plants. This means that each treatment will be more uniformly and more thoroughly effective throughout the summer. Your lawn will more efficiently get the full benefit of every application faster and with less potential for things like weather to mess things up.

It’s called Liberate, and it also delivers these benefits:

  • Drift reduction with performance-sized droplets
  • Droplet retention by adhesion and spreading
  • Increased penetration without cuticle disruption
  • Neutral pH – ideally used with sulfonyl urea herbicides and other pesticides that require a pH 7 (neutral) or higher
  • Contains an antifoam/defoam component and will not cause foaming problems in the spray tank
  • 100% active and odorless

For a more thorough explanation of the way it works, take a couple of minutes to watch this video:

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