At UltraLawn, we continually work to provide the best service possible. This includes researching various fertilizer and pest control products and selecting the right tools to provide optimal value and results. For years, “conventional” lawn application programs relied heavily on synthetic fertilizers. However, we are excited to be modifying our program to include an organically blended fertilizer for all our applications! What is the difference between these products? What benefits can you expect? Let’s take a look….

What is Synthetically Derived Fertilizer?

Synthetic fertilizers are best known for being fast-acting and for coming in a variety of forms such as liquid, pellet, granule, and spike. Synthetic fertilizers are water-soluble and can be taken up by plants almost immediately. All lawn fertilizers are formulated to provide three main nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In the turf world, these are referred to as N, P and K. These nutrients come from a lab; certain chemical compounds are mixed and broken down, and eventually blended together to give us a final product. While these products provide a quick-hit of nutrients and rapid greening, the color won’t last as long as when organically derived fertilizers are used.  Consumers must reapply synthetic fertilizers regularly to keep the results from fading. UltraLawn has always used synthetic fertilizers that are treated and coated to release nutrients in a more controlled fashion, in an attempt to keep your lawn a nice, green color for as long as possible.

Synthetic fertilizers give plants a quick boost but do little to stimulate soil life, improve soil texture, or improve your soil’s long-term fertility. They’re highly water soluble and can leach into waterways. The quick results of synthetic fertilizers can come at a cost; apply too much and it may burn your lawn and plants. In order to deliver nutrients to the turf, limestone pellets are coated with nutrient blends. This method is extremely effective at ensuring a consistent layer of fertilizer is being applied, and the entire lawn is covered thoroughly. However, what’s left behind when the nutrients are fully released? Limestone, while not being bad for the soil, doesn’t truly provide benefits to the soil either. These conventional products do more for the turf, than for the soil. Synthetic fertilizers can do a lot of great things when used properly, but here at UltraLawn, “mostly great” isn’t good enough. With that in mind, let’s find out some more about organic fertilizers.

What is Organically Derived Fertilizer?

Instead of being mixed in a lab, the nutrients that the turf needs come from animal or plant waste products. Organic products are more sustainable, thereby leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Fertilizers derived from organic sources provide benefits to both plants and soil and when used properly, won’t burn or damage plants. Organically derived fertilizers improve the structure of the soil, and stimulate micro-organisms in the soil. Soil microbes play a key role in converting organic fertilizers into soluble nutrients that can be absorbed by plants at a rate they can use. Organically derived fertilizers often provide the secondary and micronutrients plants need, usually absent in synthetic fertilizers.

Organically derived fertilizers typically have a lower NPK analysis (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) than synthetics fertilizers, but they feed plants for a much longer period of time. As a result, the impact of organic fertilizers on lawn and plants is usually more subtle. It may take a little longer to see results, but the reward is a lawn that stays greener longer. There are no waste products in an organic fertilizer, everything in the bag is beneficial and used by the soil and turf!

There are a few downsides to a fully organic program; the cost is higher, and warmth and moisture is needed for those nutrients to be broken down and made available to the plant. Also, options for weed control and grub control are severely limited following a strict organic program.

What Programs Can UltraLawn Offer?

At UltraLawn, we offer several options for those who wish to follow a program that is more environmentally conscious:

Full Organic

This program features five applications with a 100% organically-derived fertilizer product. These products are loaded with beneficial nutrients and microbes, and will be excellent for building soil and turf health. However, this program does not include any forms of weed or insect control.

Organic with Weed Control

This program also includes 5 applications, with the first being a fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control. All other applications use organic-based fertilizers, and weed control is accomplished through spot-treatments. This program offers all the benefits that come with organic fertilizer, while accomplishing weed control as needed!

Organic/Synthetic with Weed and Insect Control

Our 6-application program offers the best combination of fertility and weed control in the area! Our sixth application includes a grub preventer, which will protect your lawn from devastating pests.  We will be combining the best of the synthetic/organic worlds and providing an organic blend fertilizer as part of this program. This program utilizes granular fertilizers and liquid products at the right time, to ensure your lawn is getting what it needs when it needs it! The best lawn care program around is now even better!

Give UltraLawn a call today for a free estimate, and to talk with our staff about making your lawn an UltraLawn!

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