By now it’s fairly common knowledge that your ash tree has a fighting chance. Several systemic treatments have proven to be reliably effective in protecting the trees from emerald ash borer infestation. There is, however, a key fact that many people seem to be overlooking: Once a tree is affected, the chances that treatment will keep your tree healthy drop dramatically. So, if you have already seen signs of EAB in your tree, it may be too late! What are the signs, you ask?

  1. “D-shaped” exit holes on trunk ~ 1/8 inch diameter
  2. “S” shaped serpentine galleries underneath bark
  3. Suckering from base of trunk
  4. 3-5 inch vertical cracks or splits in bark
  5. Canopy dieback
  6. Heavy woodpecker activity or damage

That’s why it’s important to act now, while your tree is still healthy. Bi-annual injections are nearly 100% effective when treatment is started on a healthy tree 24″ or less in diameter at chest height. If you do decide to begin treatment, look for a certified applicator. They are the only professionals allowed to use the chemicals, and have received special training to ensure the proper mixture, amount and boring pattern required.

In Eastern Iowa, ULTRALawn is one of a handful of certified applicators qualified to do the job. You can contact us by phone or on the website for a free treatment quote.

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