Getting a strong head start is an important key to success for many tasks we face each year. Lawn care is no exception. While the weather isn’t what we typically expect in early spring, the new season is right around the corner. Here is a step-by-step ‘Success Checklist’ our specialists use to jump start your lawn’s growth and maintenance each year.

  • Get in an early spring raking.  It’s important to remove any leaves or debris that blew in over the winter and break up any snow mold that may have developed when there was snow cover.
  •  Aerate the lawn.  This is a great thing to do at least once a year, either in the spring or fall, or if you’re a lawn fanatic like me, both!  It’s good to get onto an annual schedule, if you’re not already on one now would be a great time to start.  This helps alleviate compaction, reduce thatch, and provide an efficient route for water, nutrients, and air to access the roots.
  • Cut a 90 degree edge along any pavement.  This is something we do many times each season however it’s a great time to get it done the first time.  Once the grass is growing more actively it can be hard to find the time to get all that overgrowth cut off.  This is a step that could take your lawn from looking like a nice lawn to the nicest lawn in the neighborhood!
  • Cut down any perennials in your landscape beds.  With perennials such as ornamental grasses or hostas, dead plant material should be cut away and removed.  This will allow the new healthy growth to be clearly visible.
  • Recut natural edging around trees and landscape beds then top-dress mulch as needed.  If you don’t have mulch around your trees we would ask that you consider it.  It adds to the beauty of the property at the same time as creates a better environment for the tree to grow in.  Who wants to trim around a tree every week anyway?  It’s important not to install or top-dress too much mulch at once. We can help you with this!
  • Apply your first dose of fertilizer and crabgrass preventer.  This helps get the lawn to green up quickly and will protect your lawn from having any annual grass issues.  It’s good to get this done early so it is sure to be watered in and in place before the soil temperatures get up to the point where these annual grasses may germinate.  We’ve had springs where this happens in early April!  The most sound and quality programs will include another follow up application of pre-emergent that will need applied in 6 – 8 weeks.

Remember, you can choose how involved you’d like us to be with your lawn care. If you feel you only need assistance with one or several of these steps, let us know. We share a common goal; growing the greenest, healthiest lawns in your neighborhood! Call us for a free consultation or, if time is an issue, request a satellite quote directly to your email inbox.


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