Seeding grass growing with UltraLawn

Tips for Seeding Lawns in Eastern Iowa

If you’ve been waiting to seed those thin or bare patches in your lawn, we suggest timing it between August and September to get optimal results for homeowners in Cedar
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creeping charlie on an iowa lawn

Creeping Charlie – It Gives Us Fits, Too!

We field calls every spring from frustrated Iowa homeowners trying to rid Creeping Charlie from their lawns. Here are the keys to fighting it.
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ultralawn customer success lawn photo

Why Buy from a Local Lawn Care Company?

We've competed with companies big and small over nearly four decades in business. What makes us a trusted name in eastern Iowa lawn care?
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Quackgrass? But I don’t own any ducks?!

You may not know it by name, but Quackgrass is a common Iowa lawn nuisance
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What does Salt Damage look like on my lawn?

‘Tis the Season For Salt… As we wrap up our winter and prepare for spring, our attention turns to green grass and blooming flowers. Spring signals the season of regrowth
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snowmold image example for iowa lawns

What is Snow Mold & How do I Spot it?

Snow mold is a fairly common occurrence in parts of the country where grass sits under extended snow cover, and can even arise without snow in cold, wet conditions.
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