Summer Patch Disease UltraLawn Cedar Rapids

Does your lawn have summer patch disease?

Does your lawn look like this? One of the most frequent diseases we encounter is summer patch. Summer patch is a soil-borne disease that attacks Kentucky bluegrass in the heat
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Chinch Bugs in Eastern Iowa?

So we found Chinch Bugs in your lawn… For many years chinch bugs have been a pest problem on southern lawns. In recent years they have become common in eastern
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Dead Grass in Your Lawn? You May have Bluegrass Billbugs

Throughout the course of a growing season, grass can be affected by several damaging insects. One of these is the bluegrass billbug. It gets its name from the long snout
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New Sodded Lawn Care Instructions

With these basic care instructions you should be on track to have one of the nicest lawns in the neighborhood! As the advocates for professional lawn care in eastern Iowa ULTRALawn always welcome your call or email if you have questions.
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The Great (Fertilizer) Debate: Organic vs. Synthetic

At UltraLawn, we continually work to provide the best service possible. This includes researching various fertilizer and pest control products and selecting the right tools to provide optimal value and
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Battling Yellow or Brown Grass?

Have you struggled to solve the puzzle of yellow or brown patches in your yard? Several factors could be at play: Warmth/Sun Exposure Warmth or sun exposure can be the
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