Coralville Lawn Care

Facts About Communities Near You

  • Population (According to 2020 Census): 22,318
  • Median Home Value (According to 2019 Census): $240,700
  • Number of Houses in Coralville (According to 2019 Census): 8,732
  • Most Current Home Median Listing Price (According to $289,000
  • Most Current Home Median Selling Price (According to $185,000
  • Most Current Median Home Square Footage (According to 1,952

At UltraLawn, we take great pride in providing lawn care and yard maintenance services to homeowners in Coralville. As a locally owned and operated company, we pay special attention to what makes Iowa lawns unique. Our organic based fertilizers and custom blended weed and feed treatments were developed for this climate. If you, your family or friends in Coralville need any of the following services, you can get a satellite quote from us anytime online. See why the grass is always greener on the UltraLawn side of the fence:

If you’re simply looking for lawn care tips or advice, browse our blog here for more information.