Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I'm a pet lover and have children, are your products safe?
A: All of the products we use are government approved and readily available even to you.  Our knowledge and experience in mixing and applying these products safely to provide optimal results is the professional service we provide.  Please keep traffic off the lawn until the products have dried.  If you are still concerned you may water the lawn  after four hours of drying time. This will move the products to the soil – which is exactly where we want them!

Q:When the weeds die, will it leave bare spots in my lawn?
A:We feed the lawn at the same time we're removing the weeds.  As the weeds die back following treatment the grass fills in to give you a lush green lawn.

Q:How can you treat my lawn for nearly the same cost as doing it myself?
A:We buy materials that are produced for our area in bulk.That means our cost for premium fertilizers and herbicides is far less than you would pay yourself.

Q:My lawn looks terrible. Is it really worth saving?
A:Definitely. Homeowners are constantly amazed to see what they thought was a lawn beyond saving transformed into a beautiful lawn.

For answers and info about current Iowa lawn conditions, visit the ISU Extension service.