Get rid of nuisance plants.

Why are you breaking your back pulling weeds in non-turf areas?  This monthly service provides spot spraying and removal of weeds emerging in areas such as landscape beds and gravel or paved areas.

The ULTRALawn Vegetation Control program runs from May through August. On our initial visit, we will formulate and apply pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls to eradicate problem weeds that germinate quickly throughout the growing season. Follow-up applications are done monthly, as needed. We are extremely careful to avoid off-target plants and will pull and remove the weeds emerging in these off target areas. For more information on this service please contact us.

weeds in fence

Weed Control Program

The ULTRALawn Weed Control Program for lawns controls non-turf weeds all season long. Areas controlled include:

  • Shrub and landscape beds
  • Sidewalk and driveway cracks
  • Gravel driveways
  • Fence lines and building perimeter

Pre-plant Vegetation Control

Non-selective control of all foliated weeds prior to planting turf, gardens, or landscapes. This treatment does not affect soil and planting is possible within a few days after treatment.

Bare Ground Vegetation Control

Long-term residual control of weeds for areas where no growth of any kind is wanted. Best for industrial, gravel parking, and building perimeters. This treatment cannot be applied near tree and shrub roots or where water runoff may carry the product off target.

If you live anywhere in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City area and have a specific question or need to learn more, just give us a call!