Organic Treatments

Understanding organic applications

compared to the neighbor's lawn

We believe that any successful transition to an organic program starts with an understanding of both the advantages and the trade-offs that come as a part of the package.

While there may be good reason to choose organic applications, it's good to know that eliminating pesticides and using only naturally-occurring, organic feeding do not provide additional weed control.

The goal of organic feeding is to create strong, healthy plants. A healthy lawn goes a long way toward crowding out weeds, but weeds are natural, too, and will likely thrive as well.

We give you responsible options!

We have three lawn application programs which vary from using pesticides and conventional fertilizers responsibly to using only natural fertilizer.  All of them have been researched and proven to be environmentally friendly.  They are formulated using the highest quality products available keeping your lawn and our environment in mind.  Each of these programs are performed by our thoroughly trained staff who we hold to more strict standards than required by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

Conventional Program with Guaranteed Weed and Grub Control

This program is for those who demand the quickest and most reliable results for a lower price.It includes six applications consisting of conventional fertilizer, weed control, and insecticide.  This program is recommended to all customers for their first year of service even if their long term goal is to transition to a more natural program.

Organically Enhanced with Reduced Herbicides

This program is for those looking for a compromise between the Conventional and Natural programs.  It includes five applications containing 50% natural fertilizer derived from animal or vegetable matter and 50% conventional fertilizer.  We reduce chemical herbicides by doing only one application of crabgrass preventer and by only spraying for broadleaf weeds when they're visible.  Maintaining a high mower setting and aeration are critical to improve the turf thickness which will reduce weed outbreaks.

This program costs about 25% more than our conventional program.

100% Organic plus Herbicide- & Pesticide-Free

This program is for those who do not want any conventional products applied to their lawn.  It includes five applications of 100% natural fertilizer derived from animal or vegetable matter.  With this program, the homeowner's dedication to maintenance is critical for weed control.  Maintaining a high mower setting, aeration, tolerating weed outbreaks, and having patience are critical.

The Natural and Herbicide/Pesticide-Free Program costs about 50% more than our conventional program.