Pick Your Mulch

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your soil and plants. The proper mulch is a natural and organic way to encourage healthy growth of your plants. It also can help enrich the soil. A fresh layer of mulch will help prevent weeds. By mulching you can also moderate the temperature of your soil. In dry weather, it can help the soil retain moisture and reduce the need for watering. Mulch acts as an insulation barrier helping to protect against the extreme conditions of both the summer and winter. Mulching is very attractive and can add to the natural and beautiful look of any landscape. It comes in a variety of colors, types and varieties.

Mulch bedding

Mulch Types and Varieties

Organically Dyed Mulches - This type of mulch is the most popular due to the variety of colors, shapes and types. ULTRALawn only uses mulch colored with non-toxic dyes. Organically dyed mulches are biodegradable and can last up to four times longer than traditional.

Natural Bark Mulch - As its name suggest these types of mulches are completely organic in nature offering both a natural feel and look while complementing your existing landscape.

Cedar Mulch - This type of natural bark mulch consists of shredded cedar bark and its perfect for large areas. It is inexpensive compared to other mulch types and decomposes at a very slow rate. Cedar mulch also contains properties which act as a natural repellant against insects. Perfect for rose gardens this type of mulch will eventually weather into a silver-grey color. Cedar mulch can come in different colors as well.

Coco Bean Mulch - The best choice for weed control – this type mulch "crusts" after watering which excellent for suppression against weeds. Coco bean mulch also gives off a unique and pleasant aroma into the air which seems to deter insects and bugs.

Other Mulch Types - The variety of mulch types is extensive. Different types of mulch offer different benefits and attributes. For example: Leaf mulch types provide for an excellent weed control whereas pine needle mulch would be more beneficial for acid loving trees and shrubs. Deciding which type of mulch you need depends greatly on how it is applied. Dark organic mulch (shown) tends to hold its color longer and some consider it to be a more vibrant contrast for the look and feel against plants and shrubs.

How to Choose the Right Mulch

Choosing the right mulch greatly depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If your only goal is making your yard look attractive, you can simply choose the one you think looks best. If you want to have mulch around plants such as annuals and perennials then mulch with smaller pieces would work best. If you're unsure, just give us a call.