Commercial & Residential Mowing

Beautiful Iowa Lawn

ULTRALawn offers commercial and residential mowing services to our customers that receive our Lawn Care Program. Customers with larger properties and acreages will not have to meet this requirement, and may only take two to three applications annually.

Our lawns are carefully groomed and our employees take pride in delivering the best possible appearance for each property with great attention to detail. Your lawn will be mowed on a weekly schedule at a setting of 2½"-3" height. Our blades are sharpened regularly to ensure a clean cut when mowing.

We prefer to recycle lawn clippings back into the soil, but if you prefer bagging and removal of your lawn clippings, it is an additional charge. Walks and driveways are always cleaned of any stray clippings and the property is carefully trimmed.

The Difference Between "Edging" and "Scalping"

We believe that a professionally edged lawn is a thing of beauty. It adds a finishing touch that makes everything about your property look cared for and tidy.

Most lawn care companies that do edging (if they do it at all) have adapted the use of string trimmers to the task. As a result, the approach that they use effectively "scalps" the edge of your lawn, often exposing part of the plants' root system and leaving an edge that actually looks more "raw" than finished.

ULTRALawn uses a true edging approach to finish the lawns we care for. That means that we make a straight, vertical cut along the edge of your lawn, removing the overgrowing sod completely and leaving a clean, finished edge. (We always clean up what we trim, too!)

It's easy to get an ULTRALawn estimate

Remote Estimating

While we're always happy to come to your home for a personal inspection and measurement, there's no appointment necessary! Our technology allows us to use satellite imagery to preview and measure for a basic estimate. It all starts here.