Patios, Grills, Retaining Walls, Walks

Finished patio

One of the best ways to enhance your outdoor living area is the application of brick, stone, pavers and retaining walls. ULTRALawn can provide expert planning and construction for any project you have in mind.


When it comes to walks and home approaches, nothing offers the elegance of individual pavers, brick or stone. We can help you find the perfect surface to complement your home or business. And, when we install, you can be sure that your walkway will look beautiful for a long time. (Be sure to ask what a difference proper installation can make!)

preparing the patio site setting patio stones setting patio stones


Whether it's brick, flagstone, or paver, an ULTRALawn patio is a versatile, great looking addition to your home. Properly installed, hard surface patios are virtually maintenance-free. That's one of the reasons they are quickly replacing decks as the most popular outdoor living surface.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls offer a beautiful, functional way to improve your property. Every wall we build takes function, proper drainage, and grade management into account. Choose from a wide variety of block designs and patterns and end the problems of property grade variations permanently.