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Before you decide about choosing a lawn care company:

  1. Decide what services you need. Do you just need your grass cut on a regular basis, or are you looking to do complete maintenance or re-landscape your yard?
  2. Get references. Good lawn maintenance companies keep a registry of their most successful projects and can make available photos of homes they maintain. You should go farther than that: you shouldn't worry about asking your would-be lawn maintenance company if they would mind your calling two or three of their clients. Call them up and ask all about the lawn maintenance company and whether they're happy with them. If they are, they will rave about the service.
  3. Get quotes. Lawn mowers cut grass for the same price. Lawn maintenance companies charge differently according to the services you choose, the size of your yard or garden and the difficulty associated with your landscaping needs. You may be surprised at the differences in cost, but remember, the cheapest is not always your best choice.